3 Tips For Organizing A Group Tour To The Grand Canyon

26 August 2015
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The Grand Canyon is one of the most breathtaking attractions in the world, and it is something that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. There are numerous tours available to visit the Grand Canyon, but if you have a large group of family and friends that will all be traveling together, it may be more cost effective to organize your own tour and split the costs. Use the following trip to arrange an amazing tour of the Grand Canyon for your friends and family:

Create a Detailed Itinerary

Before booking or paying for anything, it is essential to create a detailed itinerary that covers all aspects of your trip. Make sure that everyone involved with the tour you are planning is on the same page about the length of the trip, as well as the planned dates. When traveling in a large group, ground transportation is usually the easiest option, so figure out what route you will need to take to get to the canyon so you can figure out how much time will be needed for traveling there and back.

Charter a Motor Coach

When there is a large group of people, traveling by motor coach is one of the least expensive ways to travel. No matter how far you are traveling to visit the Grand Canyon, there is a motor coach to meet your needs. Motor coaches are available for rent in a variety of sizes, and most of them have on-board restroom facilities, air conditioning, and comfortable seats. If no one in your group is experienced in driving large vehicles, you will want to hire an experienced bus driver to transport your group from your home town to the canyon. If you are not sure of how to hire a professional driver, ask the company that you are renting the motor coach from, as they are likely to be able to provide you with resources. Contact a service like Woodlawn Motor for more information.

Book Lodging for Your Group

The Grand Canyon is incredibly popular with tourists, so it is important to book lodging for your group as far as in advance as possible to ensure that you are all able to stay at the same place. It is best to book a large block of rooms as opposed to everyone making their own reservations, as you are more likely to get a group discount when multiple rooms are booked together. Once your dates are set, your motor coach is rented, and lodging is booked, make sure that everyone knows their cost of the tour so you can collect the funds before the start of the trip.