Alternatives To Flying For Those Who Are Afraid

30 August 2015
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One in three Americans are afraid to fly. If you belong to this group, you do not have to stay home. You can take steps to overcome your fear, or if that fails, you can take alternative transportation to destinations around the country. If you stay flexible, you can get to where you need to go. 

Overcoming Fear

When you are preparing for a flight, arm yourself with knowledge. If you know what the actual dangers of flying are, you will be less likely to catastrophize. The United States has not had a "major loss of life" from a large airliner crash since 2001. Also, realize that your worst anxiety may occur when you anticipate the flight. The actual flight will probably be much easier than thinking about it before hand. 

Once you are on the plane, you can try and meet the pilot. If that is not possible, a simple chat with the flight attendants may ease your mind because they will be your "protectors" on the flight. Listening to music, deep breathing, and having one alcoholic beverage may be helpful. Avoid caffeine, open the air vents, and try to relax. 


If you continue to find flying too stressful, you may want to take alternative transportation. You will spend more time getting to your destination, but you can get there in comfort. If you reject planes, you still have trains and automobiles. Amtrak can get you to 500 different destinations, often at speeds of 100 mph. You may be able to get a job with a driveaway car service delivering someone's car cross country. This method saves you wear and tear on your own car or car rental charges.

 If you prefer to arrive by car but do not want to drive long distances, you can hire a car service, like East Coast Driver Solutions, that will either provide a driver for your trip or a vehicle and driver both. You can also investigate a travel "car pool" that allows travelers to meet up at certain locations to explore a scenic area together. You will drive less and enjoy the trip more.

Conquering your fear of flying will make your travel plans easier, but if you decide to take alternative transportation, you will enjoy a more scenic and relaxed trip.  Just be certain to do your research into each method before you sign up. You have many options for getting around the country. Choosing a commercial airline flight is just one of them.