4 Things You Should Know About Becoming A Dump Truck Driver

5 March 2019
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The construction industry continues to grow year after year. Population increase and continued industry innovation lead to the need for skilled workers. This means that as a dump truck driver you'll always have a job. 

Keep reading to discover four important things you should know about becoming a dump truck driver.


An entry-level dump truck driver with no experience can make an average of $44k a year in the United States. The low end is $20k the high end is $70k. Forty thousand dollars a year is a great wage to help support a growing family. It will only increase with the more experience you have.

Even if it's not your dream to work in construction, it can afford you a better quality of life while you pursue something else. 


As a dump truck driver you can make more because special training is required. Any time you work with heavy duty equipment you will have to be trained to use it properly. Not doing so can lead to wasted budgets, injury, and death.

Dump truck training courses can last from three to seven weeks. At the end of it you are given a test and receive your CDL driver's license. Not all states require this course, however. 

License Requirement

The type of license you need depends on the job you are looking to perform. Class A Commercial Driver's Licenses cover trucks that carry over 10,000 pounds. These trucks are the semi-trucks. They are for larger construction jobs and hold more material. 

A Class B CDL is for trucks that carry loads of less than 10,000 pounds. These are the smaller trucks you typically see.  You don't have to take a course to receive these licenses but the company you work for may require it. Taking specialized courses can also improve your marketability.

Type of Work

Now that you have your license, you can choose to work for yourself or for a company. If you're just starting out, your primary focus should be gaining as much experience as you can. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding but comes with its own set of pitfalls. You don't want to find you can't retain customers because of shoddy work. 

Good companies to work for have consistent work and a consistent reputation of good service.

Opportunities for growth in the construction industry vary depending on the area. Some small towns may be limited in their options while large cities function in multiple industries. Check out the major players in your area. Skilled labor is always needed. Driving a dump truck may prove to be your entrance into a more fulfilling career.

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