How to Set Up Your Life for a Better Long-Distance Trucking Experience

30 September 2019
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Becoming a trucker is a job that will require a different schedule and a major lifestyle change. Most long-distance truckers find themselves away from home for days to a week at a time, then spend a few days at home before heading out again. Even if you get to make your own monthly schedule, it's a given that you will be away from home for days at a time as you move from state to state.

For new truckers who are used to being home every night, this change will come with some new adjustments to make. For an easier adjustment, here are some ways to set up your life for an easier long-distance truck experience. 

Purchase a virtual mailbox

Since you will be away from your home or at least the city where you live on a regular basis, you will not be able to check your mail very often. A virtual mailbox is one of the best ways to keep track of your mail so that it is not sitting outside of your house or in an unattended mailbox for days or weeks at a time. For documents that you cannot make paperless, a virtual mailbox will open and send a scanned copy of the mail to your email inbox. For boxes and other physical items that you need, a virtual mailbox can hold them and send them to whatever address you please when you ask for them. 

Join hotel rewards programs

Getting a good nights rest is imperative to being able to drive a large truck in an alert and responsible manner. Though most trucks will have bunks, there are nights where it can be difficult to find a safe and quiet space to sleep, especially when you are closer to city limits. Join a hotel program so that if you want a comfortable room and an easily accessible shower you can earn rewards towards free rooms. This will allow you to save money while you are on the road. 

Move-in with family members or friends

If you will be spending more time on the road than you will at home, it is best to get rid of your own place and move in with family and roommates. This will stave off the loneliness that you may feel when you are on the road. Family and friends will also be able to sign for packages, help with any pets you have, and provide you with a sense of community after spending days in a truck by yourself.  

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