Oversize Permit Requirements And Surveys

26 February 2021
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Each state has rules that pertain to the safe transport of goods. Oversize permits are required for loads that exceed a specific height, width, and weight. Sometimes, a large load will require a route survey. Research the specifications for a single trip permit and an annual permit and prepare yourself for the possibility of a route survey being performed before getting a permit. 

A Single Trip Permit Versus an Annual Permit

A single trip permit will allow an operator to legally transport a large load. This type of permit will need to be acquired through each state that you'll drive through. Each state will impose a fee for this service. If an operator is only going to be making an occasional trip that involves transporting goods that are oversized, they may choose a single trip permit.

Because it may take several days for each permit to be issued through a particular state, planning a trip in advance is best. An annual permit can be acquired through each state that an operator plans on driving through on multiple occasions.

An annual permit costs more, but can be cheaper overall since you'll only make one payment to acquire one. With the possession of an annual permit, a truck driver can make scheduled trips and won't need to fill out any paperwork or wait for a clearance, prior to embarking on a journey.

Route Surveys

Each state mandates that drivers must obey driving guidelines that will ensure the safety of themselves, other motorists, and pedestrians. Transport and driving regulations that will minimize the risk of damage to a structure or road signs are also addressed. When a load is in excess of the legal weight, height, or width requirements, there is an added element of risk.

A route survey may be required, prior to the approval of a permit. A pilot car will be driven by an employee of an escort company. The driver will follow a proposed route that a truck driver will be using. During the test run, they'll make observations about the trip. The driver will take note of potentially dangerous turns, low lying overhangs or bridges, and rough terrain. These details will aid with determining if a large load can be safely transported through the area or if some changes will need to be made, to aid with compliance and road safety.

To learn more, contact oversize permit services.