Limousine Rental Questions Answered

19 August 2015
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If you are wanting to make a special night out memorable, a limousine may be the best option for helping you achieve this. However, this is a service that many people have little to no experience using, which can cause them to be hesitant in hiring a limo. If you are unsure of what to expect from your limousine ride, having the following questions about this service will help you to be better informed about what this experience will be like. 

How Will You Be Billed For The Limo?

Depending on what you are needing the limo to do, there are a couple of different billing options that you may be able to choose. For short-term rides, you may benefit from using an hourly rate. However, you should be aware that many companies have minimums, and you will have to pay at least this amount.

If you will be needing the limousine for several hours or longer, you may benefit from the daily rental rate. This may be slightly more than just paying for the needed hours, but it can save you from expensive overage fees if you end up needing the limo for longer than you anticipated. 

How Is Alcohol For The Limo Handled?

There is a common misconception that limousine providers will always offer their guests alcoholic beverages. However, this is not the case because most states have strict laws on serving alcohol, and this makes it too expensive for most providers to provide this service. 

Fortunately, most limo providers will allow their guests to have alcoholic beverages as long as they supply them. If you are wanting to ensure that your drinks stay cold, the limousine will likely be equipped with a small refrigerator or cooler for you to use. Often, these service providers will allow you to drop off your drinks ahead of your rental to ensure the vehicle is stocked according to your needs. You should be aware that is is typically required for every occupant of the limo to be of legal age for you to do this. 

Renting a limousine can be a luxurious way of traveling around town for an important night out. However, if you have never had the pleasure of renting one of these vehicles, you probably are unsure of what to expect. By knowing the difference billing options you may be able to choose and how the provider will handle alcoholic beverages, you can ensure that your experience with these services goes as smoothly as possible.