Three Benefits Of Staying At A Hotel Near The Airport And Catching A Shuttle Ride

20 August 2015
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If you're fed up with being stuck in traffic heading to the airport, scrambling to find your long-term parking lot and racing through the terminal, there's a better way to spend the hours leading up to your flight. Whether you're a frequent air traveler or someone who flies only occasionally, researching the hotels in your city that offer airport shuttles, and then booking a room for the night, can drastically reduce your pre-flight stress. Here are three benefits to making this change.

Many Shuttles Are Free To Guests

Many hotels situated near the airport provide complimentary shuttle service for their guests, which means that as you approach the airport terminal, you won't have to fuss with paying a fare -- although it's ideal to carry a couple dollars with which to tip the shuttle driver. Unlike taking a taxi to the airport, you won't have to worry about watching the taxi meter continue to rise steadily while you're stuck in traffic. Additionally, you'll save the cost of long-term parking at the airport; if you're away from home long enough, the money you save in this regard can easily offset the price of the hotel that offers the shuttle.

A Stress-Free Way To Travel

There's little doubt that it can often be stressful driving to the airport. While your mind is occupied with your flight or even the nature of your travel, you must also pay attention to traffic, ensure that you're parked in the right area and watch the clock to make sure you're on schedule. Climbing aboard a shuttle to the airport and watching the sights out your window as the driver deals with traffic can help your stress melt away.

No More Airport Confusion

When you're driving to a large airport, especially if you haven't previously visited, it can be confusing to know the location of your terminal and to figure out which long-term lot is closest to the terminal in question. Airport shuttle drivers know the airport's layout in detail and all you need to do is tell the driver the number of the terminal at which you need to be dropped off. He or she will know the fastest way to reach this destination and you'll be walking toward your flight's check-in counter before you know it.

If you haven't used this method of transportation to the airport, give it a shot and you might find that you'll never go back to your old routine of driving to the airport again. Maybe next time you might even try different methods of transportation to the airport, like a limo, such as from Naples Limousine.