Three Etiquette Rules To Save You Embarrassment While Riding In A Limo

25 August 2015
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Regardless of your reason for riding in a limo, you can expect plenty of comfort and class. If you're not acquainted with this method of transportation, you might also experience a little uncertainty as to how to follow the unwritten etiquette rules of limo travel. There's no reason to fret -- by taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the primary etiquette rules of riding in a limo, you won't have to worry about an etiquette faux-pas and can concentrate on enjoying your ride. Here are three useful etiquette rules to make sure you understand.

The Driver's Got The Door

It can be quite an adjustment to get used to someone opening the door of a vehicle for you. After all, you've opened and shut your car door countless times over the years on your own. Part of a limo driver's duty to his or her passengers is to handle the door at each end of the journey and at all stops in between. This means that when you reach your destination, stifle your excitement for a moment until the driver climbs from the front seat and opens the passenger door for you. Surging ahead and taking on the door duties yourself is figuratively stepping on the driver's toes and is best to avoid. 

Don't Act Like The Movies

A percentage of movies that feature limo travel depict scenes of excessive drinking, hanging out the moon roof while the vehicle is traveling and, in general, plenty of debauchery despite the upscale nature of the ride. Don't follow the lead of these movies. While no one wants to prevent you from having a good time or even enjoying a few drinks, the person who signs the limousine rental agreement with the limo company is responsible for any damage or excessive mess inside the vehicle. Whether you're the person who books the vehicle or simply a passenger, make sure to behave properly and discourage inappropriate behavior from those around you.

Tip To Say Thank You

It's appropriate to tip your limo driver at the conclusion of your rental period to show your appreciation for his or her service. The accepted norm is to tip between 10 and 15 percent of the limousine rental bill and use factors such as the driver's professionalism and any times he or she went above and beyond when you're calculating your tip. If you booked the limo, it's often common to have your other passengers chip in for the tip. Regardless, it's important to travel with enough cash that the driver doesn't get shorted.