Three Things To Know About Tipping For Package Delivery

5 January 2016
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When you watch your package delivery person make his or her way up your driveway and climb your front steps, all while lugging a hefty parcel, it can be tempting to acknowledge the person's effort with a tip -- especially if you're thrilled about the arrival of your item. While tipping is an ideal way to express gratitude in a variety of industries, the same approach doesn't hold true when it comes to package delivery services. There are a series of specific rules to follow in regards to the practice of tipping; brushing up on them before your next delivery can help you avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations. Here are three things to know.

Many Companies Prohibit Regular Tipping

In most cases, you shouldn't feel awkward about whether or not you should tip your package delivery driver; large package delivery services commonly prohibit their drivers from accepting tips. If you wish to be 100 percent certain, you can check your package delivery company's website for its tipping policy or call the customer service phone number. If you're using a smaller or local delivery company and aren't sure if it follows the same tipping approach, simply call the organization to confirm its position.

Even If You Don't Tip, There Are Ways To Express Thanks

Although many people in the service industry consider tipping to be the best way for their customers to show gratitude, there are alternative ways of expressing your thanks if your driver isn't permitted to accept a tip. One approach that many people take is to provide the driver with a cold bottle of water on a hot day. Of course, the driver always has the option of declining your offer, but your message of gratitude will be clear. You can also express your thanks by following up with the delivery company via phone or email and complimenting the driver. Conveying something specific, such as the driver's friendly nature or care for your fragile item, helps to reinforce your point.

Tipping Can Be Appropriate Around The Holidays

Even though tipping is customarily a no-no on a daily basis, many companies permit tips around the holidays. Again, it's worthwhile to confirm this information on your company's website, but many package delivery services are fine with their drivers accepting a cash tip or a gift/gift card up to $20 in value. Gift cards are often ideal around the holidays; even if you don't know the driver, a gift card for a coffee shop, gas station or supermarket will likely be appreciated. Contact a delver service, like CTS Taxi, for more information.