FAQ About Creating A Travel Policy For Ground Transportation Services

18 October 2016
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Your company's travel expenses can quickly add up if there is a not a clear and concise travel policy in place for employees to adhere to. Your policy needs to be practical but also take into account that there are some situations that fall outside of the guidelines. A major part of your policy relates to the corporate transportation services that your employees will use. If you are considering a travel policy, here is what you need to know.  

Why Do You Need a Travel Policy?

There are several benefits to writing a travel policy. One of the most important is that your company can save money on travel expenses. In the policy, you will set limitations on travel and related expenses, which can push employees to make smarter decisions while traveling.  

You also ensure that business-related travel is operating in the most efficient manner possible. Guidelines, such as when travel expenses have to be submitted and how bookings are conducted, can ensure that everyone is getting to and from their locations in a well-planned manner.  

What Are Your Costs?

Before you can establish a travel policy for transportation services, you need to do your research. Look at your costs for ground transportation in the past. You need to know which employees are doing the most traveling and in what areas.  

You also need to be aware of how much of the expenses were related to last minute travels. Last minute planning can add to your costs if you are using a corporate transportation service that charges additional fees for providing last minute service.  

You can use the information to create policies that can save money. For instance, if a large percentage of the last minute travels could have been avoided altogether or booked for a later date so that advanced arrangements could be made, include this in your policy.  

Will Any Ground Transportation Source Be Allowed?

With an increase in available resources for transportation, your employees might be tempted to use a range of services to get from point A to B while traveling. Unfortunately, those expenses can add up if your employees are not making cost-effective decisions.  

To address this issue, consider negotiating with a corporate transportation service and encourage employees to rely on those services when possible. Doing this can not only save your company money, but prevent the need to reimburse employees for their transportation expenses. It also gives you a chance to monitor usage so you can make modifications to your travel policy, if necessary. Contact a company like A&A Limousine & Bus Services to get started.