How To Avoid Mishaps When Transporting A Motorcycle

25 July 2019
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A trailer is an important piece of equipment that should not be an afterthought. If you make a mistake when transporting your motorcycle on the back of a trailer, you may find that you have made an expensive mistake. There are several things you should check before you drive away with your double wide motorcycle trailer

Protect Your Lights

Make sure that the connector for the lights is kept clean and is covered with dielectric grease so that the connector is resistant to corrosion. This can help you ensure that your lights will always be working properly so that other motorists can see your trailer. Taillights, turn signals, and braking lights must be operational so that you don't get a ticket.

Use the Right Straps

There are many straps to choose from when securing your motorcycle, but the best straps are ratchet straps. They make it easier to compress the suspension than other types. They are also easy to find. However, make sure that the type of strap you purchase is able to support the working load. There are also straps that are designed to not scratch the handlebars of your motorcycle. 

Cover Your Bike

If you do not own a covered trailer, you'll still want to cover your motorcycle with something to protect it. Use a bike cover that fits over your bike and protects it from sun, debris, and rain. For example, you won't want birds to defecate on your bike. 

Check Your Bearings

Check the bearings to make sure that they're in good shape before going on a trip. Otherwise, you run the risk of destroying your axle shaft. You shouldn't hear a grinding sound if your bearings are in good shape. 

Use a Wheel Chock

Make sure that the front of the trailer has a wheel chock. This is a material that is placed by the front wheel of the motorcycle so that it doesn't move. This is not a requirement for transporting a motorcycle, but can make the process much easier.

Drive Carefully

When driving with a trailer, it's important to relax and to not rush. If you have to arrive at a destination at a particular time, it's important to leave early so you don't feel the need to rush. If you have never driven with a trailer before, practice driving around with a trailer that has nothing in the back until you get the hang of it.